About Me

I'm Nurul Lizainy bt Ahmad Daud but my friends call me Liz or Nani. I was born at Negeri Sembilan. Membesar di Johor. Ayah org Johor. Mak den orang Melaka. Gets birthday wishes on my Facebook wall on every 03rd of June. HSE Assistant at Kerry Ingredients, Plentong Johor. I'm 164cm tall and i weight 61kg. Ohh man, I gained weight !

I love music, I love red color, I love heart shape, I love to take picture and I do love Nurul’s Family & Akmal Rahim . They are my inspiration :) and I love them much !

Some expect me to be "PERFECT" but I'm not for nobody is. I have my mistakes, weaknesses and fears. But I'm so contented for whatever life I have now and it doesn't matter where I came from, my title or my family name. It's always my dignity as a person that counts. Other may see me as stone not a gem, and I don't give a damn. I know who I am, how I care for people I love, what I think and what I feel. Me, myself and I... not perfect but just the way I want it..

Everyone sees who i appear to be but only a few know the real me you only see what i choose to show there’s so much behind this smile you just don't know.

Fuckers who judge people by their appearance, people who think they're all awesome and brag about it so much, being blamed for things I didn't do and …

People follows my every move and everyone  sees on my social media pages that she doesn't even know! Obsessed is an understatement!!! Pathetic and psycho as it gets!!! Get help ugly sociopath from hell! Quit stalking me and everyone that I'm friends with!!!

I love being me I am who I am I do what makes me happy. I live for me not for anyone else. Some may not agree with me... but I'm not seeking their approval. I'm happy with all that I am.. :)

Lots and lots of love, NLAD :)
A women with a different kinds of addiction